The Alliance’s Mission


• conserve, protect, enhance & celebrate the three National Parks and other protected and Designated Land and Seascapes of Wales
• ensure that the National Parks, other protected Designated Landscapes and the marine environment in Wales can be enjoyed by all, both now and in the future, whether they be living in them, working in them or just visiting them.

Welcome to the Alliance for Welsh Designated Landscapes

Whilst the name may suggest the Alliance is only concerned about Designated Landscapes, such as the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it also represents the interests of the marine environment and the Heritage Coasts of Wales.  Each of these environments are different from each other in so many respects not least in the way in which they are governed according to different statutory legislation. This will be reflected in the Alliance’s approach according to the circumstances prevailing at the time.  Without doubt, all are special places comprising extremely important parts of Wales’ National Assets and as such fall within the Alliance’s remit.


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